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Ruby Rain

A programme caught my attention a while back about those who research weather on foreign planets. It provided the latest developments in the discovery of weather patterns in different galaxies, on planets with different temperatures and elements to our own. One such planet much closer to it's sun with far higher temperatures than our own, and different gases swirling its alien atmosphere, was one who's rainfall is of rubies. Liquid rubies falling from it's sky and solid ruby seas, the concept is overwhelming. If it's possible to rain rubies then it's certainly possible that everything you can comprehend is nothing to what is actually possible. So all the stories and evidence of Gods, energy, destiny, gravity, life... you tell me, our minds can't even imagine yet.

Meet my Ruby Rain, my character in Banjo was not named, she was the dream air hostess for Vajya. But she sailed the clouds serving travellers in her quest to somehow reach the planet she was named after. Perhaps one day someone can invent a way for her to get home. But for now if you find yourself disturbed or wondering how to break the walls of your mind. Perhaps trying to figure out a new concept in your life, take Ruby Rain as your guide. And if the possibilities are beyond our imaginative minds, let she be evidence there is always a way forward, there will always be another unbeaten track so go forth into your week knowing you are as limitless as the universe is, it's all right there for you. Endlessly

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