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Khana Banana

Bananas have no relevance here particularly, or eggs, but let's talk about food, everyone loves food. I love Indian food. Especially butter chicken! But some Indian food doesn't always agree with me, I don't know why, I don't know how. We just don't always make a great team for overall career success lets say.

It was nearing the end of our shoot for 21 Sarfarosh, currently on Netflix, I'd been staying at the Contiloe production apartments nearby and dinner had been some sort of spicy pasta, nothing crazy. I'd been shooting until late and just wanted to get some shut eye before the early call time. I was woken up about 10 minutes before pickup, quick shower and was rushed to set so hadn't yet noticed a growing dizziness and uneasy stomach.

My usual morning coffee didn't sit too well, shuffling in the chair for a comfortable position, I really didn't feel like eating breakfast. Up came the first backlash of half digested pasta and the seal was broken. Hair and makeup that morning went a little like this; Mascara on, vomit, lipstick on, vomit, one strand of hair curled, vomit, look in the mirror, vomit. We reached 7 times. 7 times I threw up before leaving my dressing room.

I mentioned I wasn't in the best condition... But it was only a short scene, I could totally do it, i'm an actress and sickness is just a feeling. We'd been shooting heavily outdoors in the sun during the previous days so it could have been mostly exhaustion and I wasn't going to be beaten by tiredness. I got into position, was briefed by Arif Shamsi our director, held my breath to numb the sickness and ''ACTION'' my head was lunging down in search of the nearest bin and out came my petty excuse for empty-stomach-but-its-coming-out-anyway vomit. In front of everyone. As i peered up from the bin, kindly held in position by a fast thinking spot boy, a million eyes of lighting assistants, camera operators, spot boys, actors, assistant directors, producers, sound technicians, everyone on set at that moment watching in total silence to see if I was going to drop down dead on the spot. ''CUT''. I didn't, obviously, but i'm not sure the bin survived.

We successfully got the shots later that day after a minor detour to the nearest doctor, leading to the first time in my life I was recognised in public. Talk about bad timing! But it's not so easy to be discreet with a Victorian hairstyle, track pants, makeup sliding down my face, and a team from set leading the way in broad daylight into the local doctors surgery. A few sickly, slightly green looking selfies later and one 'I saw you in your car' dm, and I was soundly sleeping it off. Large thank you in order to Harkiran and Himanshu for EVERYTHING that day. Dream team.

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