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Pippa's Bollywood Dance Workshops are 1hr30 including:

  • full warmup

  • commercial bollywood routine, suitable for ages 13+

  • chance to perform the routine in smaller groups

  • cool down

  • short Q&A for any budding performers who want to find out more about working abroad in the performing arts.

These workshops are aimed at helping students develop a sense of character through dance and to become individual performers using their own stylistic qualities within the choreography. It is aimed at improving students confidence to pick up choreography with somewhat challenging timing. The routines contain movements from mainstream commercial Bollywood as well as influences from Punjabi (Bhangra), Marathi (Lavani) and Gujarati (Garba) dance forms. A moderate ability in Jazz/Modern dance is advised, although the main emphasis is on ensuring students have lots of fun, leave with a sense of achievement and get to know a few Hindi words at the same time!

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