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No Clue No Idea

I will never write a blog, I will never write a blog, I will never... Hey, welcome to my blog.

Do you ever find yourself just following the path you fell into? Simply going with the flow, never thinking too much and so far it's done you well? Same. I was completely against writing this, against putting my vulnerabilities out for the world to judge. I have always found comfort in knowing the real me was hidden. So this is my attempt at breaking out. Reaching out, finding those similar or those completely different who can open my mind. It won't all come out at once, we're all full of a million experiences but I guess that's why i'm writing. Because I love stories, my computer is bursting with script ideas and I need a new creative outlet, as well as a way to communicate with real people about real things. Perhaps some of you will read as a time pass, perhaps you knew me once or perhaps you saw some of my work once. Whatever your reasons for being right here right now, I hope you'll reach out and we can have no clue and no idea together.

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