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My childhood dream was always to become a backing dancer. Stemming from Kylie Minogue's Showgirl tour when I was 10 years old, I always wanted to entertain the masses in a huge arena and go home at the end of the night without the drama of the fame. To allow other people go home with the same joy I felt after watching such a show. The Filmfare Awards in 2017 was the exact evening that dream came true, and despite the struggles; learning 7 artists tracks of about 15 minutes each all in less than a week of rehearsals, the lack of sleep, the inevitably impossible quick changes and immense stress of perhaps being the one to ruin the entire performance for everyone... I got through it, and I loved every minute of it. It was everything I wanted it to be and more; the huge stadium, the cameras, the lights, the enormous stage, elaborate pyrotechnics, the music pumping through my entire body. It may not be every dancers dream but it was certainly mine. Thank you Mumbai for that wonderful night, amongst many.

The following week it aired on TV and I rushed into my landlords office to show him my work, my dream right there for the world to see. It was an awesome feeling, yet somehow a feeling of emptiness, I did it. I did exactly what I always wanted to do. Doesn't get any better than this right? Child Pippa was jumping for joy. However, during our track for Tiger Shroff we had a commercial girly section whilst he was behind us changing his costume for the next section, and I was smack bang centre stage, my excitement grew as I knew that part was coming, we had worked our booty's off to get it perfect. Yet the entire girly section was cut out. Just gone. It dawned on me that we weren't the main attraction and that section was worthless to the channel, to the public and to the whole of India without the artist. And once the show cut to commercials I was overcome with a feeling of never wanting to do it again. I didn't want the let down again. I wanted to perform for the whole picture, the entire show and every performer. I wanted to see us all smashing it and get the audiences perspective. So after 10 months of backing dancing I realised it was time to move on and set some new dreams, something with a bit more team work and group success. As my Jazz teacher Robbie O'Reily from London once said 'share the light and we all shine bright'.

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